Paddle For The Earth

Exciting news! Introducing the #PaddleForTheEarth project, a journey towards sustainable kayaking and canoeing!

Our mission is to create a ripple effect of positive change by promoting eco-friendly practices and raising awareness about the impact of climate change on outdoor sports. Join us in fostering a healthy and active lifestyle for everyone!


Project Kickoff: October
⏰ Duration: 2 Years
Erasmus+ Sport Project


Project Goals:

  • 1️⃣ Educate through workshops on environmental sustainability in kayaking and canoeing.
    2️⃣ Collaborate on clean-up events with local environmental organizations.
    3️⃣ Provide outdoor activities for underserved populations, promoting inclusivity.
    4️⃣ Organize eco-friendly competitions to raise climate change awareness.
    5️⃣ Produce educational materials for a sustainable future.


Project Coordinator: Kajak Kanu Klub Mladost